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training: the key to safety

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Training is the key to safety and an important driver for optimization and costs reduction. Kimua, as the leader & reference in the field of load-handling, is now offering a wide range of advanced training courses focused on transferring its clients and their staff, precise and detailed knowledge for improving safety levels of their operations.

Kimua’s training is also aimed to raise awareness on how good practices in load-handling operations can lead to an improvement in productivity.

Contents of the advanced training courses offered by Kimua vary from load-handling basics to specific load-lifting & lashing deep contents adapted to each client’s necessities and profile of the trainees.

Kimua’s new R&D Hub is the place where trainees will have the option to attend theoretical classes, practice on a 3D simulator and finally, develop their skills in the hub, handling real cargo in different scenarios while using multiple tools.

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