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Lamia is our modular,
portable and monitored
test bench

Technical Features

Kimua’s laboratory has a 1,000 Ton test-bench of called Lamia (honoring our Basque heritage).

Lamia is a fully modular, portable and monitored test-bench; additionally; the necessary technology has been integrated so streaming of the tests can be done live. You will not even need to leave your desk, which is traduced into time and travel costs-saving. As if that were not enough, the data and images generated during the test are shared through a secure interface.

In Lamia, multiple types of tests can be carried out, such as flexion, traction and torsion, according to ISO / IEC 17025. Likewise, monitoring can be done either by laser or by extensiometry, to better understand how our tools will behave in real-life situations.

Finally, Lamia, our test bench, can be transported to your company; no civil works or foundations are required for its installation.

meters length
live streaming
01.Tests up to 1,000 Ton.
02.Multiple load-testing cases: bending, traction, torsion, etc.
03.Tests according to ISO/IEC 17025
04.Laser and extensometry measuring.
05.See it from home: data and video share with a friendly interface for watching the tests.
06.Test it at home: Lamia Test Bench can be transported to your site.
07. No foundation needed.
08.Hire or contract full service.
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