Together with IHOBE, Kimua develops the ‘Arin Box’ eco-design project

¿Did you know that Kimua has developed the Arin Box eco-design box project? A line of ultra-light boxes designed for lifting special loads in the wind sector. By introducing this technology, and together with the help of IHOBE (the Basque government’s company for environmental management), the aim is to encourage new and innovative approaches from throughout the world of business to sustainability and eco-design. The ultimate goal of this project is to ensure industries in the Basque Country can achieve the objectives of a truly circular economy. 

arin box eco-design

Considering the challenges of dealing with difficult weather conditions, working outdoors on rough seas – with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind – only making tasks even more difficult, Kimua has developed a line of transport and lifting boxes using all the principles of eco-design to better respond to all the various challenges involved. 

Standard solutions are available in both steel and aluminium, although there is also the option to create products specially adapted to the needs of each individual industry, in stainless steel, for example. The eco-design and sustainable ‘Arin Box’ project is a simple but effective solution for all customers operating in the wind sector, and complies with all quality certifications. 

Arin Boxes for onshore purposes are already available in the market, while those intended for offshore applications are still going through a specific and additional certification process; sooner than expected, they will also be available.


Features of the ‘Arin Box’ eco-design project

What exactly is eco-design? Beyond practical and innovative design features, the new line of ultra-light ‘Arin Boxes’ offers a series of features unique to them. Some of these properties include, for example: 

  • Hermetic seals and secure locking.
  • Non-slip surface on top.
  • Designed for use in lifting operations, even in offshore environments.
  • Forklift friendly.
  • Option to stack up to 2 units.
  • Designed to optimise space inside standard containers.
  • Adapted to other standards – and other quality certifications, upon request. 
  • Appropriate for different temperature ranges: up to -20º for lifting operations and -40º for stacking and transport. 

arin box

Keep in mind that a number of optional accessories can also be added to the base model. Some of these add-ons include swivel tie-down points, midpoint racks, foldable front openings, internal D-rings for cargo tie-downs and drain plugs, as well as various types of locks. 

Remember that here at Kimua Group, the cargo handling, lifting and fixing solutions company for industries, we’ll be delighted to talk through any concerns you might have, helping you turn them into real opportunities through sustainability and eco-design. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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