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Because even one single kilo counts:
ARIN, ultra-light boxes by Kimua.

ecodiseño arin box

Kimua has developed a line of ultra-light boxes thinking on you, on your special lifting needs. We know how challenging outdoor and offshore conditions are, heavy rain and strong winds are always there, making it all harder. For all these reasons we have developed a line of transport and lifting boxes; standard references are available in steel and aluminum, but there is always a gap for you to have a taylored solution. Some default features are water-tight seals, anti-slippery surface on top, lifting points, possibility to stack up to 2 units, assisted access door and secure lock. Optional accessories include swiveled tiedown points, mid-point shelves, front foldable door, in-ternal D-rings for load lashing, drain plugs and other types of locks.

ARIN boxes are handable with forklift.

ARIN boxes can be used in lifting operations, even in offshore conditions.

ARIN boxes come with a secure lock and water-tight seals.

ARIN boxes can be adapted to other standards and be provided with other certification upon request.

Standard models come in steel and aluminum, but stainless steel is also an option.

Suitable temperature ranges: Down to -20º for lifting operations and to -40º for stacking and transport operations.

ARIN boxes are stackable up to 2 units, additionally, they have been designed in order to optimize space inside standard containers.

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