Arin Box includes features to reduce environmental footprint

Our environmental footprint and the impact of industry on Earth are clear. As such, offering products that have been specifically designed with eco-design principles embedded, and that allow us to calculate our environmental footprint – either directly or indirectly – are vital. Only in this way will it be possible to promote sustainability and greater respect for our planet.

environmental footprint

At Kimua Group, it’s essential all our projects contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of our products. That’s why the new ultra-light ‘Arin Box’ designed for lifting loads in the wind sector have been created using systems through which ecological footprint can be measured. In this way, and together with the collaboration of IHOBE (the Basque government’s state-owned company for environmental management), the aim is to encourage innovation, as well as sustainability within industrial companies. 

To ensure the industries of the Basque Country – and the rest of Spain’s autonomous communities – achieve the objectives of the circular economy, it’s important to offer eco-designs that can calculate environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of a given product. More precisely, the circular economy works to reduce the amount of natural resources being consumed and the volume of waste generated by industry. For that reason, and as mentioned above, our ‘Arin Box’ project has adopted a number of key measures to reduce environmental footprint

arin box environmental footprint


What exactly is an environmental footprint?

When designing a project – and to ensure it’s sustainable – it’s vital the definition of an environmental footprint is considered. This is the only way we can reduce the impact industry has on our planet. 

This is an evaluation and calculation of the key impacts of products, organisations and services on the environment, based on life cycle analyses and in accordance with the international ISO regulations. As such, this kind of analysis looks at 16 different potential impacts, using the most appropriate methodologies in each case. Here are just some of the main examples of environmental footprint to consider:

  • Depleting resources, such as water, minerals or fossils
  • Climate change
  • Eco-toxicity in fresh and saltwater ecosystems
  • Effects on human health
  • Particles and substances with respiratory effects
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Land transformation

At Kimua Group, we care about the future of our planet and promote sustainability in all industrial sectors to contribute to a greener world. To achieve this, we have to work together on projects founded on eco-design that will help us calculate our collective environmental footprints.

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