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What does Lamia load testing do?

Carrying out load testing is essential before commissioning any solutions for handling and lifting heavy loads. More specifically, companies from all sectors need to carry out this type of preliminary testing in order to obtain the most precise information that can be used to detect any potential issues with their handling equipment before it’s too late. 

lamia load tesing

In practical terms, Lamia is a modular, monitored and portable load testbed capable of supporting weights of up to 1,000 tonnes. Furthermore, a major new feature is that it now includes the technology needed to be able to live stream the entire process, making remote live testing now possible. In this way, customers are able to follow the process from their own premises, without having to travel to the test site, saving them both time and money. 

On the other hand, thanks to recent technological innovations, load testing carried out using Lamia is able to offer much more accurate data and images, with all the information captured and shared via a secure interface. This way, much more information is available for every object.


Why carry out Lamia load testing?

As mentioned above, it’s vital that industries and engineering companies carry out careful testing on their tools before certifying and commissioning them. This is the only way to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of tools.

load testbed

Similarly, it’s important to note that load testing follows the recommendations and guidelines of the ISO 17025 quality standard for each tool tested on the testbed. As such, the bending, traction and torsion testing of all components for handling loads will guarantee successful outcomes. 

In short, carrying out load testing in the phase prior to commissioning is one of the best practices a company can adopt, with the aim of preventing any risks to ensure successful operations. And, more specifically, the Lamia testbed can be a great help since, in addition to offering detailed and highly useful information, it allows businesses to monitor the entire process without having to travel anywhere, saving both time and costs.

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