Sustainability, renting lifting and transport tools

Any major installation or project requires a considerable amount of advance planning. Within this planning, it’s not just economic factors or deadlines and implementation phases that come into play. Nowadays, environmental sustainability is a crucial element. To contribute to a lower environmental impact, sustainability factors have to be taken into account, including – among others – renting load lifting tools.

The benefits are varied and help contribute not only to better performance and efficiency when commissioning facilities, but they’re also a fundamental part of a commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, which any responsible organisation should consider strategic priorities in both the short and long term future. A commitment that, here at Kimua Group, we want to be a decisive part of through our rental services.



Load lifting tools always available

Through our heavy load and transport tool rental service, availability of infrastructure for commissioning facilities is no longer a concern. Regardless of whether project requirements suddenly change. The tools needed to adapt to any new and unforeseen circumstances will always be readily available. As such, stoppages, changes to deadlines and overshooting costs are a thing of the past.


Cutting-edge lifting tool technology

It’s essential for any operations in the industrial sector to keep abreast of technological innovation. This, naturally, also applies to lifting and load tools. And thanks to our efforts, your company no longer has to worry about that part of the equation. Rest assured, the heavy load, lifting and transport tools we provide will always be at the forefront of technological prowess. Whether in terms of materials, innovation, health and safety or performance. The considerable research and development work required by such constant innovation is all taken care of by Kimua Group as your strategic partner of choice.


Always the right response

On any industrial, energy or infrastructure development project, mistakes can lead to enormous costs and considerable impacts. That’s why it’s crucial to have confidence that all the mechanisms, tools, workflows and other elements involved will respond exactly as expected when required. This degree of certainty is guaranteed when using our rental service for lifting and transport tools. All our equipment is tested to meet high safety and stress standards. This guarantees a reliable response in every situation.

load lifting tools


Make your contribution to environmental sustainability

In addition to the obvious benefits of considerably reducing overall project costs, renting lifting equipment also leads to energy savings. This makes our system a key sustainability factor to be taken into account.

Reducing the resources required for an efficient installation project, making a commitment to reusing equipment and employing this same strategy on all similar projects means lifting and transporting loads with the help of rented tools – apart from setting a good example to others – is a fantastic way to adopt responsible sustainability practices. This all adds up to a future-proofed solution full of commitment and hope, going far beyond just another corporate vanity project.

Fantastic availability, the guaranteed right response in all circumstances, the greatest innovation and technological applications, lower economic costs without compromising efficiency and a practice clearly in line with sustainability is the name of the game.

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