Is it better to rent or buy load handling solutions?

Feasibility should always be a key consideration when planning any major project. As such, one of the key elements in developing this kind of infrastructure – load handling – must be paid careful and close attention. In this way, load handling equipment must meet a series of specific characteristics, a number of quality and efficiency criteria, and needs to be appropriate in order to adapt to the specific situation posed by particular projects. Of course, all without raising overall costs beyond what has been outlined in the budget in order to avoid dragging down the project’s overall competitiveness.

load handling solutions

Many companies working on developing large-scale railway or wind energy installations – which make intensive use of lifting tools and load transport solutions – have found renting load handling tools to be the ideal solution for making the most of the most advanced technology on the market. Opting to rent equipment over purchasing it outright brings a number of considerable advantages.


Low-cost load handling

The most obvious advantage of renting lifting and transport tools is the considerable reduction in cost. Normally, purchasing load handling equipment requires significant levels of investment. However, once the projects they’re needed on have been completed, their usefulness evaporates overnight, especially in the wind sector, where wind turbines are only getting bigger year after year.

Given the specialist nature of equipment, it’s not always easy to recoup your investment through its subsequent sale. Renting the equipment needed for handling and transporting loads drastically reduces this investment and, once works are complete, equipment no longer sits dormant as part of your tangible fixed assets. Nowadays, developing projects at a reduced cost is feasible thanks to rental terms and conditions that can be customised to various needs.


Latest-technology load handling tools

With the responsibility for developing tools and solutions for handling heavy loads now passed to an external third party, projects will always benefit from the most technologically advanced systems available. This external, strategic partner takes over all responsibility for designing, manufacturing and renovating equipment based on the requirements of a given situation, with the company in need of their services only renting equipment for a limited period of time. 

In this way, the load handling and transport infrastructure used will always be at the cutting-edge of technology, guaranteeing greater efficiencies and better overall performance in accordance with the highest quality standards. Changes to load handling tools, regulations, safety and productivity will cease to be concerns, which can often weigh down these types of projects. At any given moment, only the very best solutions will be in use, regardless of any advances in technology that occur over the course of a project.


Load handling teams always available

If the needs of a project involving bespoke load handling change over the course of a development, it’s important to react quickly. As such, availability must be guaranteed. By renting lifting and transport tools, the number of components needed to respond to every phase of the development of a given infrastructure project can always be modified. If equipment is found to be insufficient, for any reason whatsoever, due to the fact equipment is only being rented; any issues can be solved immediately, without compromising the overall viability of the project.

Thanks to permanent availability, a constant commitment to innovation and state-of-the-art technology, as well as the significant economic advantages that entails, renting equipment for bespoke load handling is a solution well worth considering. Not just to speed up the development of projects in the railway or wind sector, but also to carry them out with maximum reliability and at the best possible cost.

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