Handling solutions in the steelworks sector

The steelworks sector requires specific tools for load handling and transportation. And it’s essential these types of industrial facilities have access to the necessary equipment and machinery to adapt to their work procedures and guarantee the highest levels of safety at all times. To achieve this, there are a number of key tools available for the steelworks and metalworks industries. These solutions facilitate goods loading, handling, manoeuvring and transport. 

steelworks sector


The most demanding environments, such as steel mills and foundries, need to make use of high-performance machinery that has been specifically designed for this type of operation. Failures – no matter how small – in any of the work processes involved in this sector could have the most dramatic consequences, so it’s vital the handling solutions used are entirely effective. For all this, some of the key tools for the proper operation of a steelworks site or company working alongside the steel sector are set out below.


Magnetic spreader beams

Firstly, magnetic spreader beams are essential when it comes to loading and unloading at steelworks. With the help of their magnetic plates, these solutions are capable of lifting large volumes of various lengths and widths in a safe, simple and efficient way. 


Use of yokes at steelworks

Furthermore, yokes are another indispensable tool for handling long and heavy loads at steelworks. In this way, manufacturing and maintenance operations within the sector are much safer thanks to the use of yokes. 



Clamps are also fantastic allies when it comes to load handling on steelworks sites. They’re capable of supporting enormous amounts of weight during more complex movements with the help of mechanical systems, and are key to always maintaining safety and security. 

Here, it’s worth remembering all these materials must strictly comply with all relevant quality standards. More specifically, all processes involved in designing, manufacturing and assembling heavy load and handling tools must achieve these certifications. Tools become entirely safe and effective for commissioning as a result. 

Similarly, it’s important that the people in charge of using and handling these tools receive the necessary training in order to guarantee full, effective and productive work processes. 

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