Discover how offshore wind turbines are put together

Planning and assembling offshore wind turbines can be a real challenge due to the harsh weather conditions, the diversity of the composition of the seabed and a whole range of other technical and logistical factors that can hinder the process.

It’s important to have the right machinery in place when installing the various sections of a turbine, including the tower, multiplier and generator, in addition to having an expert team on hand to ensure the entire process is carried out accurately, efficiently and within a competitive budget and time frame.

offshore wind turbines

Sections of an offshore wind turbine

Prior assembly of the component parts of wind turbines is an effective way of minimising transport risks, an increasingly widespread process that’s used among offshore wind industry professionals today.

Manufacturing and assembly takes place on land in the form of a modular kit. The turbines are put together in parts, divided according to several key components, including the base, tower sections, coupling system and turbine blades. These various components are then assembled later at sea.

Other parts of vital importance during transport include the multiplier and the generator, which must follow a scrupulous process when being installed safely and correctly. The multiplier, or ‘gear box’, in the turbine transforms the initial rotation speed at which the wind moves the blades to generate electrical energy. And the generator, which is made up of a rotor-stator element, transports the energy to a transformer station where it is sent to the electricity grid.

load rocker for installing turbines

Machinery used to assemble wind turbines

The process of assembling these various component parts at sea is no easy task, requiring a more sophisticated logistics process than that used for onshore wind farms. Various types of ships are required to transport the thousands of tons of materials that make up an offshore wind turbine, planted at up to 65 metres below sea level.

Once installed, the monopiles are anchored to the seabed by means of hydraulic or steam hammers. Then, with the help of cranes, the towers are installed onto these foundations. 

The rest of the wind turbine’s components, including the generator and the multiplier, must then be installed with maximum precision. For this, Kimua offers the load rocker or industrial rocker, a solution specifically developed for handing heavy loads where the weight needs to be carefully distributed across several points, guaranteeing the correct assembly of the various parts of a wind turbine

The design of a load rocker is customisable, meaning it can cope with a wide variety of different scenarios involved in installing the various components of wind turbines safely and effectively.

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