At KIMUA we are constantly looking for improvement, at all scales, and we knew we owed you this, a NEW WEBSITE.

At KIMUA we are constantly looking for improvement, at all scales, and we knew we owed you this, a new website, easier to understand and that would allow you to get in touch with us in an easier way.

KIMUA has evolved a lot during last years so we also owed us a new website to ourselves.  As a consequence, this renewed website allows us to transmit our values and spirit in a direct and fresh manner.

Inside the “services” and “solutions” sections visitors will be able to see how KIMUA has been able to successfully solve heavy lift, transport and assembly problems of our clients within different industries; thus, everyone can understand what KIMUA Kuality is, see why our company is the best option for developing smart tooling used for handling heavy and large components.

Other interesting feature of the new web is that clients and visitors will be able to follow our activity at any moment: see what the latest solutions provided are, which shows we are exhibiting at and the R&D projects we are actively taking part in.

Furthermore, potential clients will be allowed to request quotes at any moment, and partners will be able to write to different divisions of our company in a fill-in form in the contact section; finally, anyone can be redirected at a single click to our other media channels like Vimeo and LinkedIn.

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