A brand-new ‘reverse engineering’ service with 3D scanner

Kimua Group offers optimal solutions tailored to the needs of each and every customer thanks to its 3D scanner reverse engineering service that offers significant levels of precision. The digital and technological advances of recent years have allowed us to understand and design tools for load handling, transport and lifting in a much simpler, more accurate and personalised way.

In particular, reverse engineering tools are those that obtain information on how a product is designed in order to define what its components are, how they interact with one another, and what the manufacturing process has involved. In this way, it’s now entirely possible to detect, prevent and correct any issues that may interfere with the correct application and use of a given product. This 3D modelling and animation service means you can obtain precise and reliable measurements quickly and accurately under real-world working conditions when designing, manufacturing and reviewing tools for handling and transporting heavy loads. 

These types of 3D reverse engineering solutions are by far the best way to analyse products and their accessories, while ensuring they meet all safety and quality standards before they’re put to industrial use. 


Reverse engineering and its applications

Applying reverse engineering techniques can deliver many benefits throughout all stages of product life cycle management. Firstly, during the initial phase of product design and concept development, it provides a competitive analysis of the product itself and the environment – to make sure it meets all requirements and specifications – in order to develop prototypes and carry out tests and simulations. 

During the manufacturing phase, thanks to the precise and reliable measurements previously obtained, it becomes a much simpler process by means of virtual assembly that will later facilitate production and help carry out effective quality control. 

With respect to the final phase, the revision phase, reverse engineering guarantees the maintenance, repair and commissioning of Kimua’s load handling tools, whether or not they were originally designed by Kimua Group.

In short, Kimua Group’s reverse engineering solutions through modelling and 3D animation make it considerably easier for all our customers to design and implement handling techniques according to their own individual needs. Contact us for more information. 

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