10 tools for train maintenance and manufacturing

In train maintenance and manufacturing, it’s essential you can rely on effective railway tools that allow for all kinds of handling operations to be carried out in total safety. And beyond guaranteeing effective handling and lifting processes, having the right tools helps facilitate the entire work chain, from initial concept and developing ideas through to implementation. 

tools for train maintenance

10 essential tools for manufacturing and maintaining trains


Welding machines

Welding tools and machinery are one of the most vital tools you can have, both for the manufacturing process and integral train maintenance


One of the most useful tools when transporting rail materials are racks, sometimes known as frames, which are highly suited to handling large loads, such as trains, for example. 

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Lifting jacks

Lifting jacks for the railway sector are another of the most commonly used solutions both in maintaining and manufacturing trains, given they’re used throughout the entire work chain, from production all the way through to assembly. 

Motorised trolleys

Thanks to various innovations and technological advances, moving large loads and volumes, such as trains, is a much easier task nowadays, particularly thanks to motorised trolleys or wagons.

Lifting arms

Similarly, lifting arms created especially for railway maintenance and production are another of the most effective tools for handling and lifting heavy loads. 

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Work platforms

For optimal train manufacturing and maintenance, the installation of a work platform – weather operating on compressed air, electrics or hydraulics – is essential for both safe and efficient work. 


Keeping materials secure and immobilised during manufacturing and maintenance processes with lashings is essential to preventing and successfully avoiding any risks. 



Welding tools

On the other hand, when it comes to train manufacturing in Spain, the use of welding tools has never been more important, along with compliance with the various quality certifications involved. 

Dummy bogies

Using dummy bogies during railway production and maintenance is essential to maintaining total safety and security throughout the entire handling procedure. 


In order to facilitate the manoeuvring of large loads while reducing the risk to employees throughout the entire work process, from design and manufacture all the way through to assembly, it’s vital to make use of turners. 
These 10 tools are essential in manufacturing and maintaining trains. Companies providing load lifting, transport and handling solutions are able to design and apply these types of products according to the needs and specific requirements of every customer.

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