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Our engineers love what they do and so do our welders, mechanics and the quality department.

We can machine big parts and test tools up to 1,000 tons on our test bench. 
We think about ergonomics, how you transport it and how you store it. And if you need a third party certification, we know how to deal with it.
When developing new tools a good communication makes the difference. That’s why our project management keeps you updated from start to finish.

All this can be summarized in a single sentence "Kimua Kuality".

ServicesWhat we do

Kimua Group develops solutions in the following sectors: Onshore Wind Power, Offshore Wind Power, Railway, Marine Energies, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Big Machinery, Science.



Our clients face big challenges when handling large components and usually don't have the know-how or the time to take care of these problems.

Kimua advises and provides its clients with solutions, so consultancy services comprise design of heavy lift operations in a factory or somewhere else; similarly, load test procedures are defined accoding to the regulations, CE markings are provided to already existant tools upon request of our clients and transport / rigging plans are defined taking into account safety, efficiency and cost reduction criteria.



Thinking smart and efficiently and transferring these values into our designs.

Our skilled and experienced engineering team knows well how to deal with diverse handling problems, so they propose the right solution, consider how to build it economically and introduce ergonomic and handling criteria so it is easy to use and transport.

For advanced FEA Simulations we use ANSYS as structural analysis software.

Our engineering team is also aware of how smart tooling can benefit our clients and that is why everytime we face a challenging lifting or handling problem, we introduce hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems necessary for adjusting the solution to the complexity of each case.

Kimua's designs can be DNV-GL certified upon request.



Our manufacturing team is a key actor in maintaining Kimua's Kuality, so it is the central part of a bigger team that is completed by the purchase team and the project management team.

We weld, we machine, we build. Everything what is "home made" at Kimua is done according to ISO EN 1090-2 and ISO 3834-2.





Each component or item introduced in our solutions is traceable back to the heat and we keep a really effective tracking system.

Fit tests, black inspections and load tests are performed depending on the kind of solution before they are delivered.

The doors of our facilities are open to our clients and to the certifying bodies representatives at any moment.



Load Tests are done in LAMIA, Kimua's modular, portable and monitored 1,000 ton Test Bench.

For each load test LAMIA is adapted accordingly and the worst load cases are simulated as if they were real; additionally, tests are recorded simoultaneously by several cameras and through our own interface you can select the view and see how tests have been carried out at every moment in a control panel.

The biggest admissible dimensions of components to be tested in Lamia are 10,000 mm X 6,000 mm X 6,000 mm.

We are currently working on a live streaming system for you to be able to attend load tests from your office.

If you want us to bring LAMIA to your site just let us know, it is detachable, modular and portable.



Kimua Group provides 3D modeling and animation services for simulating customer processes and heavy lift working procedures, which allows a better understanding of handling, transportation, and assembling maneuvers of heavy or large components.

The main goal of these videos is to provide our clients with additional training tools, so the staff involved in heavy loads handling can improve productive yields in a safe manner.

Additionally, videos are uploaded to our Vimeo Channel and they are accesible through safe QR Codes created by Kimua's own application, so the IP of our clients is always kept safe.

Why to choose Kimua

Kimua Group develops solutions in the following sectors: Onshore Wind Power, Offshore Wind Power, Railway, Marine Energies, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Big Machinery, Science.

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